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Alliance Medical Ministry


Alliance Medical Ministry is a faith-led medical ministry serving the working uninsured in need of affordable medical care.

Alliance blogHistory

AMM first opened its doors on January 6, 2003, offering a primary care home to patients on a private practice model.  After much research was conducted, Alliance’s founders concluded that the largest healthcare gap in our community was low-income working adults.  These individuals make too much to qualify for government support, but not enough to afford to purchase health insurance.  This was true when Alliance was founded in 2001, and still holds true today.


Clinical operations began at Alliance’s original location on New Bern Avenue. In February 2008, Alliance relocated to its current building on Donald Ross Drive, a former Baptist church, to accommodate its expanding practice.  We renovated the church into an 18,000 square foot clinic, and have practice areas for our on-staff medical “teams”, as well as for our specialists. In 2009, Alliance partnered with Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, who helped plan and build our Community Garden on Alliance’s campus. Duke Raleigh paired up with Alliance in 2010 to offer Diabetes Education Management Classes. The Pastoral Care and Counseling program was also established that year. Group Visit Encounters were launched in 2011 to provide a community of support for patients, as well as to be more efficient and cost-effective.


We launched our Wellness Program in 2013, with our ever-growing Community Garden as the centerpiece, now consisting of eight rows and 20 boxes of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers!  Our doctors and nurses hand bags of fresh produce from our garden and recipes using the produce to their patients at every visit.  We recognize that many of our patients live in the “food desert” in southeast Raleigh, and we have made it a focus to provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables.  We host six-week cooking and nutrition classes in conjunction with Inter-Faith Food shuttle, and continue the monthly diabetes education courses, with simultaneous children’s education courses offered in conjunction with the Alice Aycock Poe Center.  We also offer exercise opportunities for our patients in the form of ‘prescribed exercise’ in our Community Garden, yoga thanks to our partners at “You Call This Yoga”, and our new “Walk with a Doc” 1.18 mile around Alliance, open to patients and the public!

Q: Who does Alliance Medical Ministry serve?

A: Adults in Wake County, NC, aged 18-64 who reside in a working household.

Q: What is the organization’s proudest accomplishment?

A: Alliance is celebrating its 11th year, and is proud to serve almost 7,000 patients who need and deserve quality primary care!  We have expanded our practice staff and are currently accepting new patients!  Visit our website or call the office(919) 250-3320 to find out how to become a patient.

Q: What is Alliance Medical Ministry’s greatest need?

A: Alliance’s greatest need is funds to achieve sustainability.  With an estimated 150,000 adult residents of Wake County, NC, lacking access to affordable acute and primary medical care, our practice needs funding to sustain and grow our model to serve the greatest number of patients as possible.. According the Kaiser Family Foundation, 79% of the uninsured in North Carolina reside in a working household. Without insurance, these hard-working citizens are less likely to receive preventative care, and are more likely to be hospitalized for conditions that could have been prevented.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Alliance is excited to welcome about 1,200 new patients over the next year, and thrilled to continue and grow our Wellness Program and collaborations with other community organizations!  We will continue to provide quality, compassionate care to the working uninsured.

Q:  Fun upcoming events?

A: Our annual Fun with Friends event is Sun., Oct. 19th from 4-7 pm!  This is a free event, with food trucks on site to buy dinner and desserts, Deli-icious, Only Burger, Ladybug’s Treats, bluegrass by Dave Dyer and the Crooked Smile Band, and beer from Boylan Bridge Brew Pub & Carolina Brewing Company.  Everyone is welcome to bring blankets and sit out by the Community Garden, where we’ll have yard games, and will be offering tours of Alliance!  About 200 people attended last year.

We’re SO excited to introduce our inaugural Pedal for Patients recreational bike ride before Fun with Friends!  Starting at Anderson Point Park, bikers have the choice of three rides:

  • 5 miles:  Anderson Point Park to Milburnie Park & back (20-30 minutes)
  • 10 miles:  Anderson Point Park to Buffaloe Road Athletic Park & back (45-60 minutes)
  • 15 miles: Anderson Point Park to Horseshoe Farm Park/WRAL Soccer Complex & back (90 minutes)

Cost is $25 per rider, or $96 for a team of four, and the opportunity to “Sponsor a patient visit” at Alliance!

Click here to register on Eventbrite and for more details.

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