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Basically…. the Nonprofit Sector is amazing

This last year has been quite the ride for both of us.  Last week Betsy wrote about a few things she learned in our first year as Nonprofit Media Solutions.  I’d like to add to the list, as well. Our year has been full of some pretty great moments:

In February we kicked off with our first We Heart Nonprofits campaign, highlighting 27 nonprofits across the US and Canada. We enjoyed it so much we ran the campaign again in September.  In May we attended the GCN Nonprofit Summit.


In July we were able to support Imba Means Sing in Atlanta. In September Lori was able to attend the SCeNe Fall Forum and meet Ron Boneham from Survivor. October rolled around where Lori was able to present at the PPA Summit in Nashville, TN.  We had a riot with the members of PPA.  In addition, we’ve been able to attend many GCN and AFP gatherings during the year.  This holiday season we’ve been able to watch our clients and associates provide Christmas to many families, food and clothing for the homeless and successfully raise funds that will enable them to have a fruitful 2014.

The most interesting nugget we learned in 2013 had to do with the similarities between all organizations. No matter the size or budget they all struggled with the same three things: not enough time, staff or money.  This has enabled us to help nonprofits of varying size and budget in ways we hadn’t expected when we started.  Even finding a way to help a nonprofit with an hour or two a week has gone a way to relieve their workload.

We’ve learned what we’re good at, what our weaknesses are and what areas are worth hiring out.  In the end it’s come down to providing the best value to our clients in the most efficient time.  We’ve learned we can’t do everything and have been able to create some strategic partnerships that will be extremely beneficial in 2014.

I agree with Betsy, I couldn’t do this without a partner.  Betsy has been the ying to my yang. We work spectacularly together and really feel we are in our most valuable groove when we can combine forces on a clients account. We ingested copious amounts of chocolate, diet pepsi and tea in 2013.  It’s possible we came across as Panera marketers by the sheer amount of our FourSquare check-ins and pictures on Facebook.

Some of the best people in the world are in the Nonprofit Sector.  I have met more genuinely passionate, caring, selfless people in the last year then I did in my previous six years working in the business sector.  By association, I’ve found I have become more passionate and compassionate this last year and have a heightened awareness of issues many groups, animals and government entities face.  It has been enlightening and I appreciate I’ve had the chance to be involved with such great people and organizations.

We’ve been able to successfully secure grant money, manage social media accounts, implement email marketing campaigns, coordinate online and offline promotions, website SEO optimization, and create strategic grant funding plans for our clients.  It’s been a very busy but very fulfilling year! We owe a big thank you to those organizations who took a shot with a new company in 2013 – because of you we have been successful.  

2014 is going to be great, we can’t wait!  

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